Lipgloss Break
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Shopping Break - Estee Lauder Free Gift

It's gift time! Free gift at Estee Lauder with any $29.50 purchase. In store now at Macy's through Sept 27th. I'm loving the purple bag...

Shopping Break - Free Best Sellers at Bobbi Brown

Receive 2 Best-Sellers with any order from Bobbi Brown for free. This weekend only! Enter BEST8 at checkout to redeem.

Total Beauty Break
Beauty Spotlight: Smooth Shave

Everything you need for silky soft skin

Just because it's nearing tights weather doesn't mean you should ignore your legs! Keep them smooth and soft all season with these tips (even if it is just you that's seeing them).

See guide

Private Sales Update - DDF & Cosmedicine

  • DDF Sale at Hautelook. 50% off and free gift with purchase.
  • Cosmedicine Sale at The Fairest.

Email me for invitations to both shopping sites :)

Off to New York...

Hi All - I'm leaving for NY tomorrow so posting may be a little slow, but I'll have tons of beauty updates when I get back!

Total Beauty Break
Quiz: What Fall Beauty Trend Is Perfect for You?

A smoky eye? Red lip? New hairstyle? The answer is 10 short questions away

While we at Total Beauty love trying out new hairstyles and makeup, we're quick to acknowledge that not all trends work for all women. That's why we created this quiz, where you'll be able to see which new looks for fall will perfectly complement your already-fabulous look.

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Skin Free Whipped Tamanu Body Butter Review

The Polynesians discovered the healing and protective properties of Tamanu oil, and I discovered the greatness of Skin Free's Whipped Tamanu Body Butter. Skin Free combines Tamanu oil with Organic Extra Virgin Olive and rich Shea to make this whipped body butter. This body butter helps to sooth, heal and renew sun-damaged skin, eczema, psoriasis and reduce scarring.

It's scent free, so you can pair it with your favorite perfume and it won't clash. I used this whole tub in less than a month. I try to stay away from perfumed lotion after being in the sun, since my skin is more sensitive. I would use the Tamanu Body Butter after being outside in the sun and I loved the way it made my skin feel...smooth and refreshed.

Tamanu Body Butter is $18.99 for an 8 oz tub. If you have sensitive skin, and are into all natural products, I think it's worth checking out. Check out the Skin Free blog and read up on their latest products and sales.

National Yoga Month - Free Week of Yoga

Stretch your dollar. National Yoga Month starts today and extends throughout September, giving away a free week of yoga in 750 studios nationwide. Just sign up for a card and check the list of participating studios.

Twilight Beauty Launches New Web Site

Twilight Beauty unveils its two lines – Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight – on Visitors can log on to check out fall’s hottest new makeup, themed after the series of films from Summit Entertainment. will be the first and only retailer to showcase both lines simultaneously and will be pre-selling products with the site’s launch.

Luna Twilight reflects the mood and spirit of the saga’s iconic female characters, presenting a collection that creates a harmonious blend between soft, natural beauty and stunning, fierce splendor. Notable products from the Luna Twilight line include Gleam Metallic Mascaras in arresting shades of navy, gunmetal and black for captivating lashes, along with four Color Palettes themed after the film's four main female characters: Bella Swan, Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale, and Victoria.

Volturi Twilight offers entry into Twilight’s exclusive coven through use of the Volturi family crest as the collection’s logo. The line features edgy products including the licorice and raspberry scented Enrapture Lip Glosses, which offer a light sheen with the addition of shimmering gold flecks. Other highlights include Foreshadow Primer, an ultra-sheer eye base providing prep for a smoother, crease-proof eye shadow application. This primer is coupled with loose glitter dust, called Labyrinth Shadows. The highly- pigmented loose powder shadows are housed in stackable pots, providing the ability to mix and match colors to create personal, one-of-a-kind eye shadow favorites.

Luna Twilight will be available October 15, 2009 at Nordstrom and Volturi Twilight will be available October 30, 2009 through specialty retailers, including Hot Topic, Torrid and Ulta. These two lines will be sold at, the exclusive website for both brands, with presale beginning September 2009.